Income tax declaration 2022

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I will have to file a more complex income tax declaration than in the past since I had 3 sources of income in 2022 and I’m not sure how to do it correctly. I will also file it together with my partner who I’m pacsed with, could you advise on the proper way to do my declaration:

1) Partial salary from CDI (Jan - June 2°22)
2) Business turnover from micro enterpreneur activity
3) Allocation of chomage

Is there anything specific / any proof I have to include? I have these documents on hand:

- solde de tout compte + attestation employeur from CDI
- URSSAF justicatif declaration de chiffre d’affaires 2022
- Pole emploi justificatif pour votre déclaration fiscale 2022

Is it as simple as adding all of the total income and noting that we had 1 child in daycare? Do you think I should book an appointment with the tax office and bring all my documents? Thanks for your help!

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