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A few of questions please (forgive me if any of this is outside of your advise remit);

1 )Having set up our business (micro-entrepreneur) in May 2018 we have submitted three declarations to URSAFF for each quarter since.  However, we have received no demand for income tax, or any paperwork regarding a declaration.  At the time of setting up the business the advisor at the Chamber of Commerce (CCI Creuse) indicated that we may not need to pay any tax in the first year, and possibly a reduced amount in the second year but we have had no correspondence to date.

2) our business is very seasonal and whereas we made an initial payment, by cheque, for our first URSAFF payment (the second trimester 2018 which covered our main season), we have declared subsequent income on line.  We owed approximately €23 for the second payment (3rd trimester) and although we gave bank details for a direct payment, this has never been taken.  We had no income in the 4th trimester, and made a declaration reflecting this.  My question is:  should they have taken the €23 by now?

3) My husband, as the registered Entrepreneur, has now received his Carte Vitale and the accompanying paperwork listed me (I am a conjoint collaborator) as covered by it aswell.  However, as we are not always together it would make more sense for me to have my own Carte Vitale, are you able to tell me how I go about achieving this?

4) Insurance - we are anxious to get some third party liability insurance for our business. We have a ‘Glamping’ business, this is not a widely recognised term in France, and so our business listing is that of a ‘camping terrain’. Up until now, we have not found it possible to get this insurance.  We have tried our local AXA agent, have approached MAAF and Generali but have drawn a blank.  We are in the process of following up a couple of other agents, but can you suggest anyone else?

Sorry for the flurry of questions,



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