Impact of Micro-Entrepeneur earnings on global tax return

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Just seeking some clarification, grateful if you can steer me towards an answer.

1. I am micro entrepreneur and I have ‘ayant opté pour le prélèvement libératoire de l’impôt sur le revenu’ which means I make quarterly declarations and pay charges and taxes directly every quarter. I had understood that this would then not have an impact on my global tax return (I have a salary too). Indeed on previous ‘Avis’ it is listed under ‘revenue exoneres’ Playing with a simulator for this years return, I can see that the amount I declare in this section does seem to have an impact. I am curious to read the mechanics of how this works. Thank you if you can help.

2. I have also noticed that it makes quite a difference too if it is declared under 5TA (less tax) or 5TB . I have always declared under 5TB but have never really been sure which I should use. Is there somewhere I can look on my registration to clear this up? Just in case I can save myself a bit by declaring under 5TA

Thanks, Jim

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