I’m a freelance musician and guitar tutor, where is best starting point to register in France?

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Hi, I have just become officially resident in France. Have a (Brexit) carte de sejour. I have been on maternity leave last year, and then covid situation has meant no work for me until the last month or so, but I have started online guitar tutoring. At the moment: 2 lessons (France) and 2 lessons (uk) per week . Do I register this as auto-entrepreneur? (As I’m not earning much french income at all, is that still the most sensible way forward?)
And what is best for the session musician registration?
I am keen to get ‘on the system’ and will need to sort healthcare etc… but am still in a position where I’m only working a few hours a week and unsure when I can gig again due to events etc… being on hold at the moment.
Thank you for any advice

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