I wanted a second activity but modified my main one, help.

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I wanted to add a second activity and followed the instructions on your blog. All went well, although I was slightly concerned because the whole process is called ‘modifying your business activity’ and I wanted to add a second one. I immediately wrote an email to Insee to let them know the situation but then I waited to see what would happen….....and yes, Insee have completely modified my main activity. Their answer to my email was simply to look at their website for instructions to modify a business (which is what I did the first time). So the completely missed my point that I did not want to change my first activity.

In order to go back to the original activity, do I have to do the whole modification process again?
If so, do I then have to re-register with the RCS?

I am going to be wanting a 3rd activity at some point soon, but am now rather nervous about what mess I could get myself into with that!

Many thanks

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