How to declare part time work in France

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We have been living in France for nearly 2 years now and i am setup as a micro entrepreneur, which is fine. My wife & I are entitled to health care under my carte vitale and i pay all my taxes accordingly.

Now my wife is considering taking on a couple of part time jobs, to keep her occupied. She has not worked up until now as we did not know what implications tax wise there would be. So the 1st job would a cleaning job once a week earning approx €40. The second job she has been asked to help out in a B&B once a week earning approx €50-€100 a week. Now both jobs would be on a self employed basis unless you tell me any different?
1. How would she go about registering for this work?
2. What would the tax implications be to her?
3. Would there be any tax implications to me or our house?
4. I assume she would then be entitled to her own Carte Vitale or not?
5. Is there anything else we are missing here?

Many thanks

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