How to declare extra income from evening meals?

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Sorry, this is one of my weirder questions!

I have had a chambre d’hotes for nearly 4 years now. I am a micro-entrepreneur and declare my turnover every 3 months. Normally my turnover is the price of the room, which includes breakfast.
But, in these strange times, my guests cannot get an evening meal. They have to be inside by 6 pm anyway. So, I have been offering that they can bring their own food to eat in their rooms (the dining room remains closed to guests to prevent them mixing, as does my kitchen area) or that I will make them a 2-course meal. I’m only charging 12€ for a meal because it’s not about making money but offering a service because there is no choice in this current situation.

Should I be declaring the 12€ price for dinner in the usual place on my declarations of Autres prestations de service and pay 23.7% or should that part of the turnover go under Vente de Merchandise at 13.8%?
Many thanks

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