How does TVA work in France?

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I have suddenly run into a big point of confusion, that highlights again how little I know about working in France. While living in France, I set up as an auto-entrepreneur and began work as a freelance editor. I know that my fees were exempt from the TVA (I think it is 19.6%). A few months ago I relocated to Canada, and have continued to do work for my European clients. I know they are exempt from Canadian taxes on services. However, do they now have to pay the TVA? If so, who would they pay it to (I assume not me, I pay my taxes in Canada now).

Can anyone lead me to any websites or documents that clarify this? I am completely in the dark, but I just had a client tell me they have to pay me less for my work because they have to pay extra taxes as a result of my move to Canada. Obviously, I want to clarify whether this is the case. Any help would be appreciated.

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