How do we set up our gite business in France?

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We bought a farmhouse in France in 2012 and we have been renovating it to be a house for us and three gites. We are now ready to commence the gite business and have been confused by all the advice online. We have not registered a business in France yet. We think we need to set the business up as a micro-auto entrepreneur but we are not sure what we can expect in terms of annual income yet.

  1. We would like advice on how to keep accounts properly?
  2. What costs such as mortgages get taken into account?
  3. How we have to manage client information and payments when we may have clients paying in different currencies?

The gite business will be our main income. We are not retired and are not receiving pension income or income from anything else and a lot of information online seems to be focuses on retirees who are running gites to supplement income. We would like to be able to get a carte vitale.

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