How do we set up a chambres d’hotes and two gites in France?

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My wife and I have recently purchased the property in France and have moved over from the UK to live here. It has previously been run as a successful chambres d’hotes and two gites business and has provided tables d’hotes services as well. I am looking to resurrect it again and I’m looking at setting myself up as an auto-entrepreneur to do this.

I will have no other income other than that from the chambers d’hotes and gites. My wife owns a property in the UK, which she rents out, getting a monthly income of approximately £1,100 (pre-tax). For tax purposes, both of us are fully resident in France. Neither of us is yet at retirement age and need to be covered by the healthcare system here in France.

I would like clarification on a couple of points please.

  1. Does my wife have to set herself up separately under the auto-entrepreneur scheme for her business regarding the rental in the UK?
  2. If no to question one, can she still be covered as a beneficiary under my health care?
  3. If no to question one, then does her income from the UK rental count towards the 82,000 euro income cap for my business and if not how is tax taken into account for that income?
  4. You mention in the application form for setting up an auto-entrepreneur, the concept of collaborating partner. How does this play into this scenario and what might be the tax and social charges implications.
  5. Under French law would we be allowed to set up two businesses under the auto-entrepreneur scheme; one for myself running the chambres d’hotes and one for my wife running the gites, but where she had the additional income coming from the UK as well (effectively another gites).
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