How do we register for tax in France?

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We moved to France in January of this year, and are trying to sort all things tax / social security related. We sold our house in England, and have purchased a property here which has an outbuilding we plan to convert to gites. At the moment we are living on our savings and have opened a French bank account. The only income we receive is from an interest savings account in the UK.

As we are not officially working / earning money here and we are still entitled to healthcare from the UK, so have not registered a business. However, we do need a tax number - can you advise how we do this? I spoke to HMRC today and they said the only income we will have to declare is the interest on our savings account. However to be exempt from tax in the UK, we need a tax number here.

I am also due some inheritance from my Father’s estate in August of this year - will I need to declare this in France, even though in UK it is below inheritance tax threshold and therefore not taxable?

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