How do I start a food delivery service in France?

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I am an American looking into moving to the town of Chamonix in the French Alps to set up a business. In order to do so I have begun researching starting a food delivery service to support myself. I am new to this process and have several questions:

  1. If I am the owner and only employee of my business, what would be the best legal structure to file under? If I wish to hire up to two employees?
  2. What type of licenses and / or permits do I need to acquire in order to transport food? I believe I will need a HACCP certificate, but I do not know the process to acquire one. What is the cost associated with this?
  3. I am an American citizen who currently does not hold any type of work visa or residency in France. What are my options in this regard? What type of visa will I need in order to start my business?
  4. If I plan to use motorised scooters, which I will own, are there special requirements for insurance and registration since they are business vehicles?
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