How do I pay tax?

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I would like some information and advice on what is the best advice for us for our tax. We submitted a tax return in May this year for 1,500 euros for our income last year, we only moved here last July and had paying students to stay for one month only in October last year. I am assuming that we will not be liable for tax for that year as we had no income either in the UK or here apart from that sum.

However, we have now earned close to 10,000 euros so far in student accommodation and gite rental and need to know the correct way to go forward. I would like to claim back a lot of expenses petrol, student equipment, playthings, water, electricity, food etc. and just don’t know the right way forward.

I am happy to employ yourself or another to do the bookkeeping necessary as the initial outlay for the gite and student accommodation has been huge. I am very very anxious that we will suddenly receive a visit from the taxman as we have already earned money this year and have not paid any tax.

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