How do I fill out the ‘carateristiques des locaux affectes a votre activité’ in my situation

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1) I am in what I thought was a legal short (and expensive) six month rental but now the American landlord insists she pays taxes on it in USA and I must use an attestation d’hébérgement she sent me for my registration. I hate I am being asked to lie. Is this going to backfire and get me into trouble? Do I then have to put her down as someone I am actually living with where it says ‘si vous partagez des locaux, veuilez indiquer le nom des autres locataires’?

2) I see that you have suggested someone put 5m2 squared for the ‘caracteristiques des locaux affectes a votre activite’. What are the implications of this? Do I have to fill in that question? Someone else told me to put 1m2. Will there then be a tax for working at home? It says, ‘vous exercez votre activité a votre domicile et vous n’avez pas d’autre local a votre disposition’.... ‘dans l’affirmative veuillez cocher la case et préciser le nombre de m2’.But if I use coworking spaces and cafes, do I have to ‘cocher’?

Thank you!

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