How do I declare goods sold at a Marche aux Puces as a Professional Seller?

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I am a micro-entrepreneur and have added a second activity to my K-bis which will allow me to sell at a professional flea market once a week. My main activity is selling on the internet items unrelated for the most part to what I will be selling a the the flea market. How is selling at a professional marche aux puces once a week controlled by the tax office? I will be selling a mix of new stock that I buy wholesale (which will also be sold on my website so am clear about declaring sales in that area) and antique/vintage objects with a small value of less than 100 euros per object. I understand that I have to keep records and a livre de police but can’t seem to get a handle on how professional brocanteurs declare their sales for taxes. I know professional sellers who can make 2,000 in a weekend and others who make 200.00. If you could shed come might on this gray area I would appreciate it.

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