How do I complete form cerfa 15260*01 for a gite business in France?

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I’m having difficulty completing form Cerfa n°15260*01. I run a gite in France which is attached and part of our main house. So the same house number for us and the gite. We are a couple not married or pacsed so are Vie maritale my partner has nothing to do with the business, only me.

  1. Section 4 / 5 and 5b: What parts do I have to complete and what do I have to tick or write?
  2. Section 6: I assume Votre domicille personnel is the correct box to tick?
  3. Section 7:  Leave blank or put the same address as my address as stated in section 2?
  4. Section 8:  Do I leave this blank? If not then what do I write?
  5. Section 9: I assume I tick ‘permanente’.  What do I write for Activities exercees and do I need to tick box ‘Autre preciser’ and if so what do I write after it?
  6. Sections 10 to 15:  Do I leave this blank? If not then what do am I required to complete?
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