How can I register a business when the shareholders do not have a personal address in France?

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I want to register a SARL business in France (Paris). I am an EU national living in Germany. Do I need a personal French address ?

It’s a technology-based business idea (development of a mobile app). In the end, I plan to move to Paris, but only after the business idea proves to be successful. We are 3 partners currently working on this idea.
I am planning to use a domiciliation service for the address of the company.
I believe that I only need an address in France to open a bank account. Can I use my German address to open the bank account ? Or can I open the bank account in Germany (with a French Bank)? (there is Société Générale S.A. Frankfurt - or if Société Générale is too posh, I believe many other French Banks have offices in Germany…)

The reasons we are thinking of incorporating the business in Paris are :
1. Paris is currently the biggest start-up hub in Europe and is supposed to become even more important after Brexit
2. In Paris is the biggest concentration of our target customers (compared to any other city / region in Europe)

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