How apply an electronic signature in INPI

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For the modification of company details, in our case the company owner’s usage name, INPI ( requires an electronic signature to complete the change request.

INPI has the options of uploading a qualified certificate (a procedure I’m not familiar with) or easily ticking a check box when connected via FranceConnect+, to sign the request.

The “easily ticking a check box” option sounds handy, but it appears it is not so easy. If understood correctly FranceConnect+ can only be used as login via “L’Identité Numérique La Poste”. “L’Identité Numérique La Poste” requires a specific document (“Passeport français ” or “Pièce d’identité française” or “Titre de séjour”) which I do not have.

Can you please advise via which tool the downloadable document “la synthèse” from INPI can become a qualified certificate? Or maybe is it possible to get access to FranceConnect+ anyway without the requested documents?

Thanks for your help!

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