Health care implications moving from micro-entreprise to foreign employee?

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My husband, who is a UK Citizen, has had a micro-entreprise business in France for the past 10 years. I am a US citizen and will be joining him soon, applying for my carte de sejour which allows me the right to stay and work in France as his spouse. He is considering taking employment with a UK company while remaining in France. We understand that if he does this, we will still be liable to the French tax system, but we are unclear about:

  1. Whether he would be losing his French healthcare (and the ability to add me) and social security?
  2. Whether this would impact/remove my right to work in France. Are you able to clarify this for us?
  3. In writing this, I realize that a solution might be to take on this employment originating in the UK but for him to also maintain a small business in France as well. Do you have thoughts on this as a solution?
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