Have I been Incorrectly attached to the wrong social regime - régime des salariés instead of TNS?

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I moved to France about 6 months ago.  I registered as a micro entrepreneur with the principal activity being ‘6201Z programmation informatique’.  I received confirmation of my affiliation to la securite social pour les independents with the activity listed as micro-entrepreneur. I pay my contributions via lautoentrepreneur.fr, and have received my Carte Vitale.  I believe this means I should be registered to the TNS social regime.

However when I recently applied for a mutelle sante and gave them my organisme number (beginning 01), I was told that I was in-fact registered to the regime des salaries.  They said if I was registered as a TNS my organism number should begin 03.

Is this correct, and am I incorrectly registered?  If so should I be flagging this up with the relevant groups in order to be registered with the correct social regime?

Thanks very much for any help

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