have a social security number but failed to register and get a carte vitale

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Very confused here….. both my husband and I registered as micro-entrepreneurs with URSSAF, mine went through smoothly and all is ok I have my carte vitale and all seems normal .... but for John, it’s been a nightmare. It took a number of letters to sort out his registration and then to enable payments online, now he has a social security number that no-one recognises. We wrote to our local CPAM in Pau who were very apologetic and said he wasn’t affiliated with the general regime….. but in 2020 independents maybe become affiliated…..
That’s fine but we still don’t know who to ask for a carte vital at this point in time .... we have asked URSAAF to explain 3 times…. nothing…

I have drawn a blank everywhere ... suggestions about contacting URSAAF and RSI have got me nowhere… but we pay out cotisations every month!!

any thoughts please??


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