Guidance on closing UK Ltd to open a micro entrepreneur

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I’ve got a Ltd company in the UK which I want to make dormant as of this week, before Jan 1st 2021.  Can I set up as a micro-entrepreneur on a govt website once I do that. And which site would you recommend?

Portail Auto-Entrepreneur looks clear, but I am doubtful because it doesn’t say Micro-entrepreneur.

Also the UK limited company art & design creation, art education, business & social research and consultancy.  It would be great if as a micro-e I could set up something similar, but I understand the ‘professional’ writing & research side may only be applicable and I would need to register with MDA for art creation, which may be more doable later next year as I get better with the French system.  Any advice before the Brexit deadline helpful.  My (great) UK accountant said it would be fine to work in France under the UK Ltd co, but from reading online forums it looks way more complicated than that, and don’t think I will be receiving much income from consultancy work anyway this year, so the simplest correct vehicle seems appealing, with options to create more formal ‘employment/tax vehicles’ later.

Also, can someone point me to the official French page which outlines the minimum monthly income level for a single person of independent means (i.e. rental income).  I can see plenty of business sites giving it but would like to see the official source.

Thanks Valerie and everyone, looking forward to your replies.  I will really appreciate guidance.


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