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I am working with my husband on a new business - it’s an online job portal for cloud engineers - it’s not live but we have self-financed everything thus far and wanted to explore grants; however, there are issues. We are from Ireland and our knowledge of French is limited. We had looked at the Bourse grant but our understanding of that was that we would have to go in person and pitch our idea which our limited French would not allow us to do - (in terms of the actual business as it requires expertise in English and software design which is not an issue for us)

We looked at the incubator Station F but that would require 1) we move to Paris which is not an option 2) We dont require mentorship - we are experienced technical entrepreneurs

We are not sure what to do here or if there are funding options available to us so any feedback you may have is appreciated!

Kind Regards, Lisa & Garrett

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