Gite income

La Noue
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We have just moved to France but have had our gite and rented for 10 year or so, income we average about 20K a year if you forget 2020! As we are here now we intend doing out of season long weekend etc. which we have never done before due to the cost of turnaround and opening and closing the house either way expecting income to go up.

Also, our gite is a separate building on same plot of land as the house we now live in, the one we live in we built in 2015 on for planning it was consider an extension to the gite but it is in fact separate building as per the passed plans.Our gite is taxed at present non professional and on reel accounts we have never paid any tax in France on income as mortgage interest high and depreciation, in UK have paid small amounts of tax as depreciation allowable is less generous. My question is as it is sort of part of the same building would we be better of renting as furnished part of our home and for this system is there a limited amount of weeks that you can rent for a year. But poss. a saving on T de Hab and CFE tax and considering paying mortgage off as poss. better for us when applying for CDS.

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