Gite - essential to be primary source of income for auto-entrepreneur business?

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Thank you for all your help in answering my previous questions about becoming a professional business landlord in France. Following your suggestion, my husband and I visited the Chamber of Commerce where we met one to one with a member of staff there. Our query about the professional landlord status is still unclear, but we will go back and question him further on this.

The reason for writing today concerns his suggestion that my husband and I open a gite business in France He advised that we could register with the Chamber of Commerce as a micro-entreprise avec une activite de gites. I would like to clarify that what he is actually advising is that my husband (as this would be something that he would run) should register as an auto entrepreneur to run the gite.

If that is the case, then having read your answers to others about such a situation, it appears that this option is only available to someone if the income from a gite is his/her primary source of income. Is this correct?

My husband has some income from a property that we rent out in the UK so if we wanted to follow the route suggested above, I assume we would first need to be sure that the income from the gite would exceed that of the UK rental income. Is that right?

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