Gite and Chambre d’hote registered by the same person

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From my understanding, a Chambres d’hote can have a maximum for 5 rooms and/or 15 guests. Is this correct?

The current owner has been running his place with 6 rooms and I see many other businesses doing something similar.
I do not want to take the risk and continue the practise if it is unlawful. However, this may mean that the revenues presented to us and expected to continue post sale would be effected negatively by appx 15% by the closure of one room for renting.

Here are my questions:

  1. If there is one fully independent unit - kitchenette, small salon and dining, showers and toilets enclosed and a mezzanine room all with separate access from the main house and access to a garden and pool, can it be considered a gite?
  2. In this case, is it possible to register the 5 rooms located in the main house as a chambre d’hote and the 6th, independent unit, as a gite?
  3. What is the best legal way to keep business from the 6 rooms?
  4. If I had only 15 people or less, is it allowed to be considered a chambre d’hotes and have 6 rooms?

Thank you for your help Valerie!




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