Getting a TIN after registering as micro-entrepreneur

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Thanks to you, after our Power Hour, I was able to successfully register as a micro-entrepreneur. Now I am trying to take the next step to set up URSSAF and pay taxes. I’m stuck on the issue of getting my TIN. Here is my problem in a nutshell:

1. To get a TIN, as I understand it, one has to submit one’s first tax statement to URSSAF, and then the TIN will be issued.
2. To submit and pay taxes at URSSAF, I need to nominate a bank account for automatic deductions, if I understand correctly.
3. To get a bank account, I need to get a TIN.
4. Loop back to 1 and continue….

I cannot figure out how to break out of this loop. I am trying to open two accounts at Crédite Agricole, one for personal and one for the micro-entreprise. CA require you to provide a TIN to open their ECO-PRO account for M-E.

How can I open a business account, to lodge with URSSAF, to get my TIN, if I need the TIN to start the whole process?

Can you please step me through how to set things up correctly at URSSAF.

Thank you.


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