French legal structure and USA LLC

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We will be moving to France from the USA through my wife’s job.  I currently have a sole proprietorship LLC based in the USA that has USA clients only, I would like to continue to support these US clients while living in France.

What would be the best French legal structure with the following assumptions:

1) Sales around 80KE to 120KE per year,
2) Less than 5KE per year costs (i.e. minimal overhead since I work from a home office and offer a service),
3) No healthcare required (covered by wife’s employer),
4) 2 children to support,
5) I’m confident that I’ll only have US based clients during the period we live in France (3 yrs),
6) I am both a UK and US citizen,
7) I will be the only person working in the business.

Many Thanks.

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