Freelancing for USA-based customers from a French enterprise

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I am a U.S. citizen moving to France for family reasons. After several years of residence and employment in Europe in the field of data science and IT, I’m planning to become a freelancer upon my move into France.

I have a small U.S.-based client already, and I would like to be able to acquire more. However, I have heard that most U.S.-based companies are reluctant to hire freelancers from abroad due to complications in accounting. Are you aware of the what these complications actually are? Are there special requirements on me and/or my client, and if so, how do other France-based freelancers deal with them?

I have heard that some freelancers use a US-based “LLC” (like a SARL) for billing U.S.-based clients, but this sounds complicated. In your experience, is it feasible to bill U.S.-based clients from a purely French enterprise?

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