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I’m a freelance writer registered as an ME (7021Z). I currently have 2-3 clients and make a comfortable monthly income from them. However, I’m all for time freedom! I’m working on slowly moving away from client work, so I can build blogs/websites that will earn me passive incomes via affiliate marketing, ads, etc. Ideally, I’d still like to be a freelance writer but with just one client, and use the rest of my time for my income-generating websites.

My questions:

  1. Do I need to add another domain (or area of work), in addition to 7021Z? If so, what could it be if I’m say, a blogger/Internet marketer making money from affiliate commissions, ads, and digital downloads (possibly e.g. printables, a short ebook, checklists). I understand that I may need to add a product-based domain in this case?
  2. If I have both service-based + product-based domains as an ME, what’s the maximum income am I allowed to earn per year?
  3. Assuming I make enough income as a blogger/Internet marketer (product-based domain), is it okay if I maintain only one client per month as a freelance writer?

As always, thank you in advance.

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