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Hello Valerie,

I read your post on domiciliation and got in touch with Sedomicilier, but it looks like quite a commitment for what I’m trying to do.

I’m registered with URSSAF and receiving all my mail at home, and that works fine. But I’m applying for a trademark and the European Intellectual Property Office makes registrants’ addresses public. It’s mandatory (they don’t share email and phone numbers, though… which isn’t super helpful in my case).

I used to have an accountant in the UK who was happy to let me use her address for things like that, but now, I am stuck. Se Domicilier are telling me that I will have to use the domiciliation address to declare my CFE so I think it’s probably not the best solution to my problem.

Do you have any alternative ideas up your sleeve? I can’t think of a friend who would be happy to lend me their address.

Thank you very much!

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