For business tax purposes when do I become resident in France?

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I am moving to France this year and my partner and our children have already started living there. Initially I will be keeping my UK business running in the UK - as well as registering a business in France, most probably an entrepreneur individuel à responsabilité limitée (EIRL) as a music composer.

  1. I understand I will be resident if I spend over half the calendar year there, but also if my family are resident there?
  2. For tax purposes when do I become resident in France? The date could be when I move, when they moved or when the contract started on our rental property (before both of those dates). Or can I say for tax purposes that I am resident from 1 January 2017?
  3. Will I have to do a French tax return this year? I’m won’t be doing any significant work in France this year but will continue to earn worldwide royalties in the UK through my UK business.

Just wanted to add that although my question relates to my business I am also asking if I will need to file a personal tax return of any sort for 2016.

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