Food catering in France for a UK based limited holiday provider?

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We are a UK based company providing a holiday offering in France to UK clients for six weeks between July and August 2017.

We provide:

  • Lodging (tents) en suite and meublé
  • Surf activity (sub contracted to local surf school)
  • Food catering (fixed weeks menu included in package price)

We understand that our limited company will be renting the land from a local land owner in France. We have the right to put up to 6 tents for a maximum of 20 people for a duration of 12 weeks.

We would like to know what status we would need in regard to the catering? Would we need to register as a traiteur in France - or could this be done through the UK company? We assume EU food hygiene regulations apply so what do we need in terms of certification and licensing?

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