First URSSAF declaration / ACRE

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I established my auto entrepreneur activity in July 2022, but as I originally opted for trimestrial declaration,  I will submit my first declaration in January 2023, I have some problems / questions about it:

1 - ACRE: I don’t know/don’t think I filled out the application to benefit from ACRE (because I wasn’t aware of it): how can I know if I did? And if I didn’t initially, is it way too late now and I’ve lost eligibility? (if it’s the case, would it make a huge difference since my first year of turnover(2022) will be very low? ie. less than 15k)

2 - Income tax paid at source impot liberatoire:  Could you please explain how this works simply? I also don’t remember exactly what I opted for (but I think I opted for yes) when I initially established my AE activity with URSSAF, do you know how I can find out?

3 - I don’t have access to the URSSAF online declaration form yet, but I’d like to know under <

< Cotisations, contributions, et impots >

> what applies to my situation? Do you know what % social charge + income tax I’m supposed to be paying? My social situation is:
> auto entrepreneur
> also on chomage
> PACS’ed with 1 child; file income taxes together with my partner

4 - Do you have any other reminders/ things I should keep in mind when I’m making my first declaration? Thanks very much.

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