Fintech platforms as an alternative to banks - any recommendations?

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This is a question for fellow SBiF users, rather than Valérie specifically.

I do profession libérale work as a microentrepreneur for clients in the UK. Because they are reluctant to change their payroll processes I decided to continue invoicing them in sterling.

Initially I was interested in using the Revolut or N26 platforms as a business bank account, as they offer conversion of sterling to euro at close to interbank rates. However, N26 need the client to open a Transferwise account to effect the conversion before payment lands in the N26 account. My main corporate client does not want to do this.

With Revolut the inbound transfer must be by Faster Payments or SEPA - again not something the client wants to set up.

Credit Agricole Britlines offer a sterling account but charge 20 euros to convert any sum received into Euros. Multiply that by 3 each month and it’s over 700 euros a year just to get paid!

My partner is paid by UK clients via Paypal and the exchange rate is shockingly bad, so that’s not an option either.

Does anyone here still invoice UK clients in sterling and have a way to convert into euros that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?

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