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Jonathan B
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I wanted to ask a question regarding finance applications in France. My business partner and I recently opened a limited company in France. We are a street food/catering business and we’ve been successfully running our various projects for well over a decade here in the UK. Our new French entity is an SAS structure and our business has been operating since the start of July and our turnover is very strong. We are partnered with a large retail company who have premium shopping centres throughout France and the rest of Europe.

We have been working in partnership with them in the UK for many years. We now have deals in place to open more of our catering units across France and we intend to use finance to develop our business. In the past, we have always used finance companies here in the UK, but now since we are a French legal entity, it would be ideal if we could apply for finance in France, so that our financial accounts etc. are clean and tidy and everything is based in France, under the umbrella of our French entity. Please note that myself and my business partner are both UK citizens. We currently do not have any French citizens within the legal structure of our limited company, although we do employ a team of French staff including two managers, with more members of staff soon to be added to our growing team.

Is it possible for us to apply for finance in France, and what would the requirements be? Also, could you recommend any finance companies who may be able to help us out, considering that our French business is relatively new? My business partner and I both have successful projects here in the UK, and we have been operating for a good number of years, but in France we are relatively new.  I would really appreciate any feedback or information you may have for us.

Many thanks in advance,


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