Expenses and third party costs

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Can you explain the expenses situation for my business. I am running a secondary activity on my business. I am registered with the Chambre de metiers.

I have to travel sometimes to locations that my clients need me at. When I do so I pay for the daily expenses myself and then get these paid back to me at the end of the month by the client. I will have already declared the money I have spent once to the relevant people and paid charges on them. Do I have to declare recovered expenses as part of my income. If I do then I will have to pay charges on them twice.

I also sometimes buy components and equipment on their (my clients) behalf for delivery to an end client. The cost of these is also reimbursed to me at the end of the month. It would seem that I have to pay charges on these recovered monies also if I just declare all the money they pay me as “income” without any way to separate expenses and recovered costs of buying on their behalf.

Please can you clarify the situation for me and perhaps suggest a way that I might lower the impact of getting charged twice for the same income.

Cheers Pete.

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