Event Management business in France

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I am thinking of starting “Event Management” as a service to clients , providing management of services for events like marriages, anniversaries, wedding anniversaries, baptism events, etc. My intention is to manage all contacts with service providers (venues, entertainers, transport companies, hotels, coiffeuses, florists etc - who all provide their services as packaged by me to clients requirements).

So my role is the go-between offering full package (one-stop shop) to client requirements and manage all the service providers’ input into the event.

  1. Can I do this as part of my present registration as an Auto-entrepreneur?
  2. Do I need a licence to be an Event Manager?
  3. I will plan the event with the client, according to client requirements. I will cost the package for the event and make a contract with the Client who pays me and I pay in turn the service providers that I engage for the event.

Please advise.

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