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I am coming to France to start a small clothing business, with the option of sewing products myself and hiring a small team of seamstresses, as well as also working with a larger manufacturer/factory to make my clothing products (once I find one suitable for my products). I will sell mostly online.

  1. I anticipate low turnover in year one, but start-up/equipment/studio expenses, and I wish to limit liability and minimizes taxes. I am leaning toward EURL. What is the most efficient and affordable way to set this up? Are there any reputable, online services that can set up an EURL?
  2. Is there value in starting as an individual and then change to an EURL down the road?
  3. What would this business be classified as? Commercial? Artisan? Would I need to register this with a particular association, such as artisans?

Thank you.

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