Entrepreneur visa question for US citizen

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Spouse and I are applying for auto-entrepreneur-based visas to France. Spouse wishes to teach English and is currently employed as an engineer (and does a little tutoring on the side). I wish to start an auto entrepreneur business as a counselor, and am currently in private practice as a therapist in the US. We will both be leaving our current work when we go to France.

We recognize that your speciality is not the visa approval process, but we are quite stuck and are hoping perhaps for merely your opinion on these two questions:

  1. Visa application asks about current employment. Is it helpful or unhelpful to describe our current employment, or should we focus on the work we currently do that is related to our planned auto entrepreneur businesses?
  2. If we were unemployed at the time of our visa application (with the expectation of starting businesses in France) would that be likely to impede our visa approval process?


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