Employee plus micro entrepreneur?

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I hope to move to France permanently. My US employer may be willing to allow me to work in France, but I’d like to retire after two years and stay on in France with health coverage. I am married. I believe my options are:

  1. Come to France on an employee visa, with my spouse as a dependent.
  2. Come to France on a micro-entrepreneur visa, with my spouse on a separate micro entrepreneur visa, (and get paid in the US while paying taxes in both France and the US.)
  3. Come on an employee visa and register as micro entrepreneur as a side gig.

a. Are there other options?
b. Assuming that the micro entrepreneur options would earn between 20K and 80K/year, from a financial/social charges/insurance perspective, is any of these options preferable to the others?
c. Is option 3 even legal/possible/desirable?

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