EIRL conjoint collaborateur and social charges

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I intend to set up my business as an EIRL. If I set up a business as a sole trader with a “conjoint collaborateur” I understand that there will be an additional €3000 ( approx) of social charges to pay for the conjoint collaborateur.

My questions are:

  1. Is this amount fixed or profit based? ( so if we make a loss one year will the full €3000 still be payable for the conjoint collaborateur or a lesser amount?)
  2. Is this €3000 deductible as an expense when calculating the principle traders liability for social charges? ( so if the business makes a 10k net profit before social charges will the principle traders social charges be based upon the 10k figure? or on 7k (net of 10k -minus conjoint collaborateur 3k= 7k))

Thank you.

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