Double-checking steps needed to change micro-entrepreneur address

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I have read all the earlier questions about what I need to do in order to change my address but would like to confirm that I have understood the answers correctly.

I am registered as a micro-entrepreneur (I am a translator) and I have moved address (I work from home).

Before becoming a member of your group, I logged onto my URSSAF account and sent a message asking how to change my address. I received a reply as follows:
Je vous invite à compléter le formulaire de déclaration de modification d’activité en ligne sur (rubrique ‘‘Formalités > Modification d’entreprise > Modifier les informations relatives à mon entreprise’‘).

When I do this, the site does not recognise my SIREN. I think I read somewhere in your posts that address changes are only made via infogreffe if you are a commerçant (whereas my understanding is that I fall under profession libérale).

My questions are:

1. Do you think URSSAF has mistakenly directed me to the wrong site to change my address?
2. Am I right in thinking that once I change my address with URSSAF, they pass this information on to SIE, INSEE, and CFE?
3. Have I missed anyone off the list of people I need to notify of my change in auto-entrepreneur address?

Many thanks in advance.

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