Domiciliation address for micro entrepreneur

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Hello Valerie, I wanted to ask about using a domiciliation address, I see there are some questions on this regarding micro entrepreneurs but not recent and would love the most up to date answers. So here are my questions:

  1. is it now fine to use a domiciliation address as a micro entrepreneur? My reason for needing one is rather urgent, I am between apartments, I have not been able to find another long term apartment in Paris and am stuck in short term lets and airbnb and staying with friends. At the moment my registered address is still my last apartment but I moved in July so my previous landlord is obviously not happy about this.
  2. I am already registered as a micro entrepreneur, is it possible to change the address with Urssaf to a domiciliation after all is already set up?
  3. And do you think a bank would agree to send your mail to a domiciliation address as well?

Thank you.

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