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Soon I need to move out of the apartment where I registered my business address as EI. I have already signed a contract with Sedomicilier to move my business address and I tried to start the process on myself but I am stuck with a error message that says:

Veuillez corriger l’erreur suivante :
Liste des établissements de l’entreprise : “En application des articles L123-10 et L123-11 du Code de Commerce et L111-3 du Code de l’Artisanat les entrepreneurs individuels n’ayant que des activités libérales ou agricoles ne peuvent recourir à une société de domiciliation. Veuillez revoir votre saisie”

I reached out to Sedomicilier and they mentioned it’s a recent decision and they’re trying to get more information about this.
I then called INPI and I was told this is normal and that a EI profession liberal cannot leverage a domiciliation company to move their business address, but they told me to reach out to the domiciliation company to see if they can find a solution to “go around this law”.

I have sent an email to the domiciliation company, but I am a little bit confused on what I could do next to do this issue, and find very strange that a EI cannot move his business address out of his personal address by using a Domiciliation company?

Could you help me with this?

Many thanks,

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