Does chambres d’hôtes classification effect our tax position?

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We are a new chambres d’hôtes and have so far chosen not to join Gites de France’s classification system. As I understand it, it is voluntary to join, and from talking to other chambres d’hôtes owners in the area, little advantage is afforded for those wanting to push harder for the UK market. And of course it costs money, by entry fee and by increasing the price of the taxe sejour per client.

Will it impede us in any way, or be detrimental to our tax position, or does it may no difference at all? When we joined a regional tourist office last year, they asked us for our classification, but on hearing we had none, didn’t seem to make an issue of it. We are confident we offer a very good, quality product and don’t feel the classification will make a lot of difference.

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