Documents for autoentrepreneur visa with prefecture

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I am in the process of submitting my documents as auto entrepreneur to the préfecture. My plan is to do auto entrepreneur/micro entreprise as a photographer. I have submitted all the documents that I have (ID, business & financial plan, cerfa form registration, formation certificate, and bank statements).

And I got an email from the préfecture asking me these documents:

1. Bail ou promesse de bail ou contrat de vente de fond ou contrat de location gérance.
2. Tout élément comptable certifié attestant des revenus équivalents au moins au SMIC
3. Justificatif de toute ressource mentionnée
4. Justificatif de tout autre moyen de financement mentionné
5. Justificatif de l’engagement de cautionnement

Which kind of documents should I submit for these requests?


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