Do I register my business with commerce or métiers in France?

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I am now close to a decision on what I want to register for as a micro-entrepreneur business here in France. The gite will be my main earner and I would also like to register for an artisanal role as well. Previously you suggested registering with the Metiers and let them inform the commerce about the gite. If the gite is the main earner should I do it the other way around?
The artisanal role I would like seems to fit with article D7231 of the labour code:

  • Maintenance of home and house
  • Small gardening jobs
  • All human hands
  • Tutoring / home study

Would this be the same as APE code 88.10A aide de domicile. The last bit tutoring / home study are not important, but if it is included then all well and good.

In looking up the APE codes on your site the code for accommodation comes under 55.2, 55.20, 55.20z. Are these the right codes for a gite? If so how do I chose which of the three to use? If I need to do a dual registration can I do this on line or do I need to go to the correct office?

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