Do I need to close and reopen my business if I move department?

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We recently moved departments but stayed in the same region. We have been told we have to close our existing business and than reopen with our new local chambre de metier - Is this correct? If so we are thinking of changing regime. The business is a micro bic in my husbands name, I am down as a dependant for health cover.

We were thinking about auto-entrepreneur? The business is in computing and while a lot is service based on internet setup, virus removal, we are noticing an increase in resale i.e. new pc,s and parts. Am I right in thinking that you can earn up to 30k for service and an additional 80k for resale? If we change regime what will happen to our health cover and carte vitales? My husband has to have regular medication and blood tests so I wouldn’t want to not be covered, It took long enough (8 months) to get the carte vitales in the first place.

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