Do I have to register my gite business in France?

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We have lived full-time in France for three years and have healthcare rights with CPAM. We are married. Our income is from my (private) pension.  We have just finished renovating a gite which we would like to start letting. The gite income will not exceed the pension income.

  1. I have read your answers to many questions and it seems that in our circumstances any gite income would be secondary and that we are not required therefore to register my partner as a micro-entrepreneur?
  2. When we make our annual tax declaration it seems we will declare any gite income, in addition to the pension income?
  3. In contacting the Mairie are we simply notifying them that we will be letting the gite or do we need to obtain their permission?
  4. If I am right with the above, is there anything else we should be aware of/need to do?
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